Cashouts API

Cashouts API v3 Introduction

V3 Cashouts API Integration

Cashout Flow

Find below the description of a cashout flow using the OKP cashouts integration:

1 - Upon your customer's request, you submit a cashout request through the Cashout-Request API or through the Merchants panel (Transactions -> Withdrawals -> Request Cashout).

2 - Initial validations are performed by the API, such as:

  • Merchant account balance enough to cover the cashout

  • Merchant account Transaction/Daily/Monthly limits permit the cashout

  • Destination Bank Account details are correct.

  • Customer's details are correct. Eg. Document ID

3 - If the previous step is correct, the cashout is created and remains on PENDING status, otherwise, it's DECLINED. If Pending, it will be then sent to the bank for processing, when that happens, the status is set to DELIVERED.

4 - Once the transaction comes back from the bank, it can be either COMPLETED or REJECTED (by the bank).

There are some cases in which the bank could Confirm the Cashout and then Reject it because the destinatary's bank account was, for any reason, unable to receive the funds. This is a corner case but should be considered when integrating.

Postman collection

In order for you to start testing our Cashouts APIs right away, we have prepared a Postman Collection you can use to test and validate your integration along with the functionalities we offer

We provide you with test credentials to our test environment, but make sure sure you replace the vars apiKey, apiPassphrase and apiSignature in the Pre-req. Scripts" section of all the requests with your own API credentials for cashouts

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