Deposit status endpoint

Retrieve the status of a previously created deposit

Given that QuickPay uses the same Deposit Status Endpoint than our Deposits APIs, please check Deposit Status Endpoint for further details about the integration.

In the case of QuickPay (and COMPLETED) transactions, this endpoint will add extra information about the customer KYC.

Example response

  • Be aware that the field full_name is the name validated by our KYC engine, while first_name and last_name is the info client was first registered with in our database.

  • Birth date format is yyyyMMdd

    "user_id": "11",
    "deposit_id": 123456789,
    "invoice_id": "ql4vhBUlvnic",
    "country": "BR",
    "currency": "BRL",
    "usd_amount": 35.00,
    "local_amount": 281.06,
    "bonus_amount": 0.00,
    "bonus_relative": false,
    "payment_method": "IX",
    "payment_type": "BANK_TRANSFER",
    "status": "COMPLETED",
    "payer": {
        "document": "84932568207",
        "document_type": "CPF",
        "email": "",
        "first_name": "John",
        "last_name": "Smith",
        "birth_date": "19770930",
        "full_name": "John Smith",
        "pep": true,
        "legal_situation": "REGULAR"
    "refunded": false,
    "current_payer_verification": "NO_CURRENT_PAYER_DATA"

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