If you have installed the plugin, follow this steps and tips to have it up and running!

Brief explanation

In OKP we provide two environments to our clients, Staging and Production. Each one with its own set of credentials.

  • With your Staging credentials you will be able to test the different payment methods and flows with mocked information that simulates real payments, risk free.

  • With your Production credentials, you will be using real-life gateways and payment information, therefore users will be capable to pay!


  1. Then go to Payments and you will see onekeypayments Checkout on the method list. Click it to configure

  2. In the plugin configuration you will find four sections: Environment selection, Staging credentials, Production credentials and Configuration.

    • Production credentials: instructions are the same as for Staging credentials but in our production environment.

    • Configuration: finally in this section you get to choose if you want to enable/disable the plugins and the auto-complete functionality.

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