With QuickPay, merchants can start receiving payments from their customers first and ask them to signup then

This API allows final users to make deposits without the need to fill out forms with their personal information.

The customer will be able to deposit without giving any personal information as after the payment we receive the deposit and get the depositor info and proceed with KYC verification. We send to you the KYC data in the background, so you can create your account without the need of presenting a registration form.

This solution is currently available for Pix in Brazil.

Check with your Account Manager regarding the activation and availability of this solution on your Payment Methods of preference.


Merchants who integrate QuickPay will have the option to configure a new callback URL where you will receive the KYC of the payer.


This integration offers an optimized, seamless and secure experience for the customer, achieving a higher conversion rate and resulting in a payment flow 12x faster 🚀

  1. Customer gets into your website

  2. The customer chooses to deposit money

  3. You create a transaction on our side with the following information: country, payment method, currency, and amount For Pix

  • We will answer with the PIX QR code

  • The customer will scan the QR and pay on their HomeBanking After the payment is done

  1. We collect the following KYC data of current customer and send it to you using the previously configured callback URL: Name, Date of Birth, Document type, Document number, Address, Cadastral Status, and PEP (Politically exposed person)

  2. We perform a thorough user validation with the KYC data, this process includes:

    • Age limit

    • PEP check

    • Legal status

    • Greylist and blacklist checks

    • IP validations

  3. We reject (and refund) the deposit or allow it to process it successfully, crediting you the money and sending you a webhook

  4. You will be able to ask the customer to set up an account (user, password). The customer is all set up and can access your service.

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